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I go to a LOT of Birthday Parties… a LOT of them. You could even say that I’m a real party person and am definitelly one of the most fun guys to have at your party. Because I go to so many parties I sort of know what makes a good birthday party and what makes an… ahem.. not quite so good party. Here’s my top ten tips to help you make your party a tip top event!

1) Have your party indoors… or at least have the option of having guests pop inside the house. Who knows it may be scorching hot on your party day or even rain…. indoors, you’ll thank me for it!

2) Have a grown up in charge. I recommend that you book Professor Whizzpop for all your Birthday Party needs ( well I would, wouldn’t I?) but if the Professor can’t make it then try and make sure that there is a designated grown up coordinating the party.. someone to organise party games, to bring out the cake, to hand out goodie bags. Oh, and while I’m at it, the person doing this should NEVER be the birthday mom… for some reason birthday moms are always frantically overwhelmed at the party… give her a break!

3) Send out invites at least two weeks in advance and follow them up with an e mail… you can mapquest directions to the party and attach them in the e mail… that way all your guests will turn up! Oh, and don’t forget to tie at least three balloons onto your mailbox, it’s tradition.

4) Talking of balloons…. if you do tie balloons to the mailbox and you use helium then make sure that the balloons you use are made of mylar and not latex. Latex balloons lose “lift” very quickly when filled with helium and end up looking a little sad… mylar balloons fly for longer.

5) Don’t forget the candles. You’d be AMAZED how often get to a party only to find mom and dad frantically looking for candles. Fortunatelly I always carry a spare set of birthday candles in my magic show case.

6) Take anything you don’t want smashed…. and put them in an out of bounds” room. Parties for kids between 4 and 10 years old can get CRAZY.

7) Save the birthday food til the end of the party. Let’s be honest here, birthday party food is high on sugar and low on anything which isn’t sugar. This means tht if a child eats the birthday food he/ she is very likely to get a little sugar rush. As soon as this happens it would be very nice to send them home where they can suffer the inevitable sugar crash with their own family…

8) If you do have a party theme… pirates or Buzz Lightyear or princesses…. then make sure to have few spare costumes. That way any child who turns up and doesn’t have the full compliment of pirate regalia can at lest wear an eyepatch and weild sword… and won’t feel left out. Oh…. and don’t forget to let Professor Whizzpop know the theme… that way I can tailor make balloons to match the theme!

9) Leave the present unwrapping until after the party and don’t forget to note down who bought which present… it’ll make writing “thank you” notes much easier.

10)…. and finally. Book Professor Whizzpop for your child’s birthday party…. trust me, I’m a birthday party expert… you get to leave the show to me, I’ll provide the goodie bags, I’ll twist balloon party favors and even have a grand repertoire of games which don’t involve eliminating kids… all you have to worry about is having a great time!

Keep checking the blog folks…. next time; what makes good goodie bag!

Professor Whizzpop


This weekend…. 19th March 2011… public show at Jck the Dipper Ice Cream in Sylva starting at 2-2.30pm… magic, balloon twisting and the best Ice Cream in Sylva!

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