Hello there!!! Did you know that the Professor Whizzpop Magic Show started as a street magic show in Chester ( England) when I was a teenager? Then, when I moved to Western North Carolina, and started performing magic again, I began on the streets of Asheville.

The reason for this is simple… if you want to be the best performer possible then take up street performing… it gives a magician the ability to improvise, think on their feet and perform under almost any conditions… plus you get to do your show over, and over, and over again so that it becomes polished.

So I got to thinking… this summer I’m going to busk again quite a lot. Probably on the streets of Asheville and Helen (GA) and while doing so I’m going to perfect a new magic, juggling, balloon art and MUSIC show I’ve been working on. It’s been in the planning stages for quite a while and is now ready for some road testing  at festivals…. sooooo, if you have a hometown festival which needs some entertainment, or an outside ( or even inside) event looking for some alternative entertainment then contact me at 828 506 3198 or through my website www.ashevillemagic.com or www.themagictomshow.com ( but wait, you knew that!) OR even through facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Tom-The-Magician-Professor-Whizzpop/160809447293307 . The show is a full circle street style show culminating in a “death defying” underwater escape which may, or may not, actually involve some water!

Festivals already booked for 2011 include Cary Spring Daze, Cary Lazy Daze, Johson City Blue Plum Festival and you’ll probably see me out and about at Asheville’s Bele Chere! More to be posted soon!

In the meantime… the weather seems to be warming up so keep an eye out for the Professor Whizzpop Show on a street corner near you!


Professor Whizzpop

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