Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog…. just a quick blogstyle heads up to let you know where you can catch Professor Whizzpop and Tom Fool in the next couple of weekends.

This Saturday you’ll find Professor Whizzpop at one of my favourite annual events; the wonderful Spring Days in Cary NC. Uusually I’m there twisting balloons but this year they have the full ONE HOUR Professor Whizzpop Show at 10am and at 2pm… I’ll be twisting balloons between and after the shows and will finish both performances with a brand new DEATH DEFYING (hopefully) UNDERWATER ESCAPE (!!)…. the only such escape which is family friendly and not the least bit scary…

On Sunday I’m booked with private events and then… the following Saturday I’ll be at Spring Fling in Spartanburg SC working my street magic show. I’ve never worked this festival before and am really looking forward to huge crowds before the street season really gets underway!

If you happen to read this blog and see me at either event let me know you read it, come and say “hi”.


Professor Whizzpop/ Tom the Magician/ Tom Fool!

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