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Thanks for joining me once again on the blog which I neglect only to say “phew…. sooo busy!”. It’s true though, the Professor Whizzpop Magic Show has been hectic at birthday parties and festivals while my free time has been spent street performing at Asheville’s Flat Iron pitch. My street show is really getting honed nowadays and last Saturday I had my most succesfull night EVER with the show ( fiscally speaking!)… strange since at eight o’clock that evening I was almost ready to pack up and go home since there appeared to be so few people on the streets!

The fourth of July weekend was a busy one too with appearances at quite a few country clubs, barbecues and Waynesville’s Stars and Stripes parade… not bad for a British guy!

This weekend coming I’ll be out and about in Asheville on Friday evening and then have a private booking on Saturday… then only one more weekend ( at a festival in Virginia) until Asheville’s Bele Chere… on of the busiest, craziest and most fun weekends of the year!! You’ll find me and my good friend Mark Deverges at Haywood Avenue and Walnut Street all weekend twisting balloons… please stop bye and say “hi!”

In August I’m working tons of private events as well as street shows and the usual fests… this year keep an eye out for my street show at the Haywood County Fair as well as in Cary at Lazy Daze… not to mention Asheville Vegfest, Waynesville Block Parties …. etc etc etc! See you there!

Don’t forget to follow my upcoming public shows at facebook.com… look for Tom the Magician/ Professor Whizzpop!

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