Once again I have to say I’m sorry for neglecting this lamentable “blog” for so long… but really if I was blogging all the time then I wouldn’t be performing and wow have I been performing!!

Bele Chere in Asheville at the end of July was the usual manic marathon balloon twisting session with over 2000 balloons twisted in three days… thank goodness for my balloon pump …. it was great to see so many families and kids enjoying the balloon creations… thank you all for stopping by!

Post Bele Chere I have kept very busy with birthday parties, back to school events and even a bit of busking… Waynesville has been good to me as usual booking me for the Haywood County Fair as well as for their Labor Day Block Party. Thanks Waynesville!

As we drift into fall ( with the occasional hurricane to liven things up) you’ll find me enjoying the cooler temperatures with a bit of street performing and a few fall festivals… check out my upcoming appearances for details.

OH…. and don’t forget I’m doing a new public show at the Hop Ice Cream Cafe in West Asheville on October 7th at 6pm…. www.thehopicecreamcafe.com for details…. I’ll be performing some new routines as well as a few old favorites… please come I want to fill the cafe, I’ll even buy the ice cream ( no…. I won’t!)

And finally… please check back regularly here and at my facebook page…


I’m working on lots of new and amazing projects such as;

a library show for the 2012 summer reading programs…. promoting literacy

a slight redesign of the website… with better photos

some new, super silly routines for the magic show… kids will LOVE these

Professor Whizzpop branded promotional items…. check them out here very soon!

A brand new Birthday and Christmas Party package to suit every budget…. well, not quite every budget but near!

Juggling… I STILL haven’t got five down!

Stay tooned!


Professor Whizzpop

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