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The Professor Whizzpop Show is a funtastic medley of comic mayhem perfect for birthday parties, christmas parties or festivals or fetes… the show stars the hapless Professor Whizzpop whose myriad of mishandled magic provides giggles galore as the Professor gets nearly everything wrong and the kids in the audience help to make everything right!

During the show you may see the “world’s longest piece of string trick”, the ” rabbit in the hat trick” ( with a very unrabbit-like bunny), the “world’s biggest magic wand trick”and the “mommy is a magician trick”. Every trick is guaranteed to engage, empower and enrich your kids … not to mention the fun and giggles are guaranteed!

Contact the Professor today to see how a little bit of magic and a large load of laughs can turn your event into a party to remember!

E mail: magictom@themagictomshow.com
Telephone: 828 506 3198
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