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Professor Whizzpop twists balloons like no other balloon guy… always entertaining with a constant barrage of banter the Professor twists a veritable bevy of crazy balloon hats, awesome wearable balloon creations and the occasional interactive balloon game … you can choose from a three eyed drooling mutant hat, a brain sucking alien hat or go for a teeny tiny turtle, a mermaid or a fully fun super silly scuba outfit, of course you could still have a balloon doggy … if you really want one!

Professor Whizzpop’s balloon art is ideal for walkaround at festivals, fairs and fetes and can even be turned into an interactive balloon show at parties, you can even book the Professor to tell tall tales and twist at your restaurant or private dinner! Check out Professor Whizzpop on youtube to learn a balloon creation of your own or contact us today to book some balloonacy for your event