Why book a magician for a party?
A party should be a unique fun filled experience. For kids they are a once a year event… the highlight of their year, so let’s make it the VERY BEST event we can! Booking a magician for your party makes the party an EVENT… your friends and kids will talk about it all year.

Why book a magician instead of … a bouncy castle?
This depends on what you are looking for in a party. Bouncy castles are fun, I like them myself, so do my kids… but a good magician will tire the kids out better than a castle and without doubt the kids will remember the magician over the castle… EVERY TIME.

How long is the Professor Whizzpop Show?
The Professor Whizzpop Show is 30-35 mins of fun filled comedy and magic… about the attention span of most audiences. I usually follow the show up by twisting balloons for the kids… balloon hats are very popular!

I see that the Professor Whizzpop show is not based in my area. Will you travel to my party?
Of course. I’ll happily travel to any event in the Southeast… and I never charge for travelling time.

You offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, is that true?
You bet! I am confident that my show is the best available in the area and if you are not happy with any aspect of the service I provide then let me know and I will tear up your check in front of you. I would rather have constructive feedback than unhappy customers.

How do I book?
Call me on 828 506 3198 (if I don’t answer I’m working, leave a message) and we can discuss your event. I’d love to talk to you!

E mail: magictom@themagictomshow.com
Telephone: 828 506 3198
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