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Become a champion this Summer with Professor Whizzpop’s all new 2016 Summer Reading Program; the Going for Gold Magic Show… a show designed to get your eager readers running, hopping and sprinting into your library!

During the show we will jump into reading with Max the Minnow as our resident trained goldfish leaps from pole to pole, we’ll bounce into books with a tennis ball that defies control and we’ll clean our brand new sneakers a la Pete the Cat’s New Shoes! Naturally every show will feature lots of audience interaction, belly laughs and library lessons to encourage your eager readers to make the best of their long summer and READ!!

The show combines the excitement the 2016 Summer Olympic Games with the laughter and audience participation of an award winning magic show… and in addition to creating amazement we’ll create a dash to the library to check out books when it’s all over!

E mail: magictom@themagictomshow.com
Telephone: 828 506 3198
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